1. The mind, the body , the spirit all as one,  one without the other being incomplete.
  2. Indigestion is the Root course of cancer and all internal disorders in Tibetan Medicine.
  3. Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction
  4. ​​Prevention of diseases

​My first personal experience with traditional Tibetan Medicine was more than 30 years ago. I was a student in Tibetan Children's Village school. I was having some severe headaches, and, although I was regularly taking pain killers from the school clinic for an extended period of time, my pain persisted. The school nurse recommended that I see a traditional Tibetan Doctor -an "Amchi"- at the Tibetan Medical and Astronomical Institute of Hiss Holiness The Dalai Lama located in Dharmsala, India. I had not told the nurse I was chronically having diarrhea too, and feeling a general malaise. I decided to try the Amchi.

Despite the long queue and his numerous patents, I had the good fortune of seeing the personal physician of Hiss Holiness the Dalai Lama, Amchi Wangyal la, who welcomed and greeted me with warmth and attention that put me in a very calm and relaxed mood. After Dr. Wangyal la asked me several questions, and after examining me and my personality for a few minutes, he took my pulse reading and checked my eyes, tongue and entire body. Dr. Wangyal la asked me how long I had been having diarrhea. I was taken by total surprise as I never mentioned a word about the persistent diarrhea I was having. He asked me to bring a sample of my early-morning urine to my next visit.

With such warmth and compassionate approach, Dr. Wangyal la told me that I was undergoing emotional turmoil, and therefore, my bodily energy had been upset and created an imbalance. He said that my headache and diarrhea, as well as depression and a number of other illnesses, are symptoms of the emotional turbulence, that emotional turbulence resulted in an overall physical, mental and overall discomfort to my body. Dr. Wangyal la prescribed me three different herbal pills-one each for the morning, afternoon, and evening- and a special pill to be taken once on full moon and new moon. He instructed me to continue taking the pills for three months even if I felt better in less time.

After taking the medications, my symptoms subsided and then healed completely in fewer than two months. My overall health improved dramatically, and I felt at peace and much happier. With the effect of the medicines and the compassionate touch of Dr. Wangyal la, I found my health back to a normal state and was saved from a swooning depression that could have jeopardized my life. 

My first experience with Tibetan Medicine influenced my decision to study and become an Amchi.

The far reaching potential of Tibetan Medicine and its medical system to not only heal, but also cure physical, emotional, and mental illnesses and diseases has, over the years, gained a lot of popularity around the globe. Tibetan Doctors and their prompt and effective holistic treatments of disease have found their way into many popular medical journals, newspapers and televised news stories throughout the world. It is a medical system that has proven its effectiveness to cure the whole person physically, emotionally , and mentally , over and over again. 



About Us


  • Recipient of Gold Medal from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines

  • Pursued 5 years of rigorous Tibetan Holistic medical studies at the prestigious Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute .
  • Practiced Sowa Rigpa, an ancient Tibetan medical system for over 20 years around the world .
  • Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan Medicine) treats not only disease but the whole person
  • Tibetan Wisdom for Modern Life.
  • Mindfulness practice of exercise and diet in maintaining good health.
  • Prevention and treatment of chronic disease​.

Dhondup Tsering has the honor and the privilege of serving as the personal physician of Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche - one of the main Nyingmapa tradition teachers of HH the Dalai Lama and of many of the Lamas including Sogyal Rinpoche. 

During 3 years of service as the personal physician , Amchi Dhondup Tsering was blessed to be in a special position to receive teaching from Kyabje Trulshik  Rinpoche on Buddhist practice. The teachings had a deeply personal impact on his outlook and way of life. He incorporates those values of love, compassion, and overall holistic approach to what may ail us into his practice . 

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